GMP+ Company database

Relation data
Name Zeolite Products Registrationnumber GMP001846
Postal address Visit-address
Street Peppelmansdijk Street Breukelaarweg
No 10 No 17-6
Zipcode 7011 JL Zipcode 7051 DW
City Gaanderen City VARSSEVELD
Country Netherlands Country Netherlands
Phone +31 (0) 315 76 90 29 Fax 0031
Website E-mail
EU-number ship Ship-name
Chamber of Commerce / Legal Business Registration number 09137602
GMP+ Feed Certification scheme
Module Scope Status Enddate Date withdrawn Reason withdrawal
FSA Certification
  • - Trade in additives
   [GMP+ B3] Trade, collection and storage & transhipment
Certified 30-09-2018